G60 Generation Protection System

P345 Large Generator Management Relay with Stator Earth Fault

Generator Protection Relays

  • G60 Generation Protection System​

  • P345 Large Generator Management Relay with Stator Earth Fault​

  • P344 Generator Management Relay with 2 Neutral voltage Inputs

  • P343 Medium to Large Sized Generator Management Relay

  • 889 Generator Protection System

  • G30 Generator Protection System

  • GPM-F Field Ground Protection Module

  • GPM-S Stator Ground Protection Module

  • P346 Small Generator Protection Relay with Differential

  • P342 Small Generator Management IED

  • P348 – Variable Speed Double Fed Induction Machine Protection IED

  • 489 Generator Protection System

  • G650 Generator Protection and Control System

  • W650 Wind Generator Protection System

  • MIG II Generator Protection System

  • DGPR Retrofit Solution

Transmission Protection Relays

  • L90 Line Differential Relay

  • L30 Line Current Differential System

  • P546 Line Differential Protection Relay (Option Distance)

  • P544 Line Differential Protection Relay (Option Distance)

  • P545 Line Differential Protection Relay (Option Distance)

  • P543 Line Differential Protection Relay (Option Distance)

  • P542 Line Differential Protection Relay

  • P541 Line Differential Protection Relay

  • P547 Phase Comparison Relay with Distance Protection

  • D90 Plus Line Distance Protection System

  • D60 Line Distance Relay

  • D30 Line Distance Relay

  • C90 Plus Automation Control System (Bay Control Unit)

  • C70 Capacitor Bank Relay

  • U90 Plus

  • URPlus Manual

  • P441 Distance Protection Relay

  • P442 Distance Protection Relay

  • P443 MiCOMho High Performance Distance Protection Relay

  • P444 Line Distance Management Relay for Transmission

  • P445 MiCOMho High Performance Distance Protection Relay

  • P446 MiCOMho High Performance Distance Protection Relay

Feeder Protection Relays

  • F60 Feeder Management Relay

  • 850 Feeder Protection System

  • 750 to 850 Retrofit

  • F35 Multiple Feeder Management Relay

  • P145 Feeder Management Relay with Autoreclose, Synchronizing and Function Keys

  • P144 Feeder Management Relay with Autoreclose, Transient Earth Fault Detection

  • P143 Feeder Management Relay with Autoreclose and Check Synchronizing

  • P142 Feeder Management Relay with Autoreclose

  • P141 Feeder Management Relay

  • 760 Feeder Protection System

  • 750 Feeder Protection System

  • F650 Feeder Protection System

  • 350 Feeder Protection Relay

  • P14DZ Directional Feeder Management Relay with High Impedance Fault Detection

  • P14DH Directional Feeder Management Relay with Wattmetric Directional Earth Fault

  • P14DB Directional Feeder Management Relay

  • P14DA Directional Feeder Management Relay

  • P14NB Non-Directional Feeder Management Relay

  • P14DL Load/Line Management Relay

  • P14DG Distributed Generator Interconnection Relay

  • 737 Feeder Protection System

  • 735 Feeder Protection System

  • MIF II Digital Feeder Relay

  • P94VB Voltage and Frequency Relay

  • P94VP Voltage and Frequency Relay with Check Synch

  • P94VR Voltage and Frequency Relay with Check Synch, Autoreclose

  • P341 Grid Interconnect Protection Relay

  • P15D Dual Powered Overcurrent Relay

  • P154 Non-Directional Overcurrent Relay and Earth Fault

  • Feeder Manager 2

  • 850 Feeder Protection System Instruction Manual

  • A60 Arc Flash Protection system

Meter Protection Relays

  • EPM 9900 Advanced Power Quality Meter

  • EPM 9800 Advanced Power Quality Metering System

  • EPM 9650 Advanced Power Quality Metering System

  • EPM 9450 Advanced Power Quality Metering system

  • EPM 7000 Power Quality Meter

  • EPM 7000T Power Quality Meter with No Display

  • PQMII Power Quality Meter

  • EPM 6000 Multi-Function Power Metering System

  • EPM 6000T Multi-Function Power Meter with No Display

  • EPM 6010 Building Automation Power Meter

  • EPM 6010T Building Automation Power Meter, No Display

  • EPM 2200 Power Meter

  • EPM 2000 Power Metering System

  • EPM 7100 Power Data Logging Submeter

  • EPM 6100 Multifunction Submeter

  • EPM 4600 Multi-Feed Power and Energy Metering system

  • EPM 4600 Touch Screen Display

  • GE Communicator Meter Setup and Data Acquisition Software

Transformer Protection Relays

  • T60 Transformer Protection Relay

  • T35 Transformer Protection Relay

  • 845 Transformer Protection Relay

  • 745 Transformer Protection Relay

  • 345 Transformer Protection Relay

  • P841 Line Terminal End IED

  • P642-2 Winding Transformer Management Relay

  • P643-3 End Transformer Management Relay

  • P645-5 End Transformer Management Relay

Bus Protection Relays

  • B90 Bus Differential Relay

  • B30 Bus Differential Relay

  • MIB High Impedance Differential Protection Relay

  • HID High Impedance Diffrential Module

  • B95Plus Bus Bar Protection Relay

  • MFAC: High-Speed Differential Protection Relay

  • P746 – Busbar Differential Relay

  • P747 – Busbar Differential Relay


  • MultiSync 100 1588 GPS Clock

  • N60 Network Stability and Synchrophasor Measurement System

  • P30 Phasor Data Concentrator

Distribution Automation Relays

  • DGCS Switch Control

  • DGCC Capacitor Bank Controller

  • DGCV Voltage Regulator Controller

  • DGCM Field RTU

  • Intelligent Line Monitoring System

  • URC Universal Relay Recloser

Motor Protection Relays

  • 869 Motor Protection Relay

  • M60 Motor Protection System

  • P243 Motor Protection Relay

  • P242 Motor Protection Relay with Extended IO

  • P241 Motor Protection Relay

  • 469 Motor Protection System

  • 339 Motor Protection Relay

  • P253 Motor Protection Relay

  • 369 Motor Protection System

  • MM300 Motor Protection System

  • MM200 Motor Protection System

  • 269Plus to 369 Drawout Upgrade

  • 239 Motor Protection System

  • MMII Motor Protection System

  • SPM Sync Protection/Control

  • RMIO remote Module I/O

Special Function/Control Relays

  • C90Plus Automation Control system (Fast Load Shed)

  • C60 Breaker Management Relay

  • C30 Controller

  • C650 Bay Control and Monitoring System

  • N60 Network Stability and Synchrophasor Protection

  • CIO Remote CAN Bus I/O Module

  • MIN II Digital Ground Protection

  • MIV II Voltage/Frequency Relay

  • MIW II Directional Power Protection System

  • DGT Control Unit

  • RRTD Remote RTD Module

IEC 61850 Process Bus

  • HardFiber Evaluation Kit

  • HardFiber Brick Switchyard Hardened Interface

  • HardFiber Cros Connect Panel

  • IEC 61850 Process Bus Module

  • HardFiber Cables

Electromechanical/Single Function Relays

  • Single function Relay Products

  • MVAX11 Tripping and Interposing Supervision Relay

  • MVAX12 Supply Supervision Relay

  • MVAX21 Trip Circuit Supervision Relay (CB Closed Only)

  • MVAX31 Trip Circuit Supervision Relay (CB Open or Closed)

  • MMLB Test Plug

  • MMLG Test Module


  • MVAA13 – One Unit, Hand Reset Auxiliary Relay

  • MVAA16 – One Unit, High Speed Self Reset Auxiliary Relay

  • MVAA21 – Two Units, Self-Reset Auxiliary Relay

  • MVAA23 – Two Units, Hand Reset Auxiliary Relay

  • MVAJ – Tripping Relay High or Low Burden

  • P991 – Test Block

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